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Áine Houlihan

Operations Manager


Technical Director


Managing Director

John Anderson

Systems Analyst

Stevie Chappell


Thiago Alves

Helpdesk Manager

Stephen Nolan

Support Technician

MJ Smyth


Maciej Gadek

Support Technician

Marie O'Dell

Finance & Admin

Ivan Corless

Digital Manager

Barry Kane

Digital Marketing

Gabriel Fontes

Software Developer

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Getting Started

Similar to many start-ups, we commenced our business working from a kitchen table with the belief that we could be a success. During our first 6 months we primarily supported local business; we focused on listening to concerns, solving problems and finding suitable solutions within our customers budgets.2009

Monkey Towers

In response to the growing requests for support and the positive responses to our services, we invested in a more suitable office space in order to provide a more efficient and effective working environment. It wasn’t much more than a shed but to us it was a big step!


Reality Hits

In 2011, we sourced offices in Ladytown to support our additional team members and equipment. The company had its first official office and our list of clients was steadily growing within the local business community.


With the widespread threat from Ransomware we went about training our team in the world of IT security. We have continued to build our skills and knowledge and provide business continuity advice and solutions to this day.

Moving Again

We decided it was time to take the plunge and get ourselves a proper place to work. We had taken on our first staff member and we need a bigger place so we moved to the all new Monkey Towers in Tougher Business Park. It was small and falling apart but within a few weeks we tidied it all up and moved in.

Fledgling Web Designers

A client approached us about creation of a new website for their business, the opportunity was seized, and ITM invested in the knowledge and skillset required to support this type of work. One successful website creation later lead to additional requirements and ITM expanded our services to include Website creation, hosting, analytics and SEO.

Building the Team

We welcomed two new staff members in 2015, both have gone on to become a major part of our team.

ITM Digital

We have been developing fast, responsive websites for many years. While Web & IT go hand in hand, to increase our web design profile we decided to split our business between Web & IT and ITM Digital was born.

It’s Getting Cloudy

Having been using and providing cloud services since our inception, it was now time to start providing complete cloud based business environments for our growing client base, forming a partnership with AWS.


Due to continued expansion we moved into our current premesis in Naas Enterprise Park.

Continued Growth

2019 saw a big jump in our business, we now had 8 full time staff members and were doing everything possible to keep them all busy.

ITM Tech

Due to growth in our managed services business, at this stage we decided that a rebrand was long overdue. IT Monkey had started as a small computer repair business back in 2009, we were now providing managed IT support to some large firms and felt that it was time that our name grew along with us so we became ITM Tech.


A very different type of virus than we were used to fighting reared its ugly head. Our team quickly adapted to the new world we were now living in and we all got used to working from home. We were very lucky to be considered an essential service which allowed us to continue working throughout the pandemic. 2020-2021


Thankfully Covid came and went (mostly) and we’re now looking forward to continuing to expand our team and we’re very excited about the future of all things IT!