Client Support

Submit a Support Request

To log a support request please use the buttons below to get in touch.

Any support requests received will automatically be assigned to your account, a support ticket is created and we are alerted immediately. Our help desk staff will either respond remotely or arrange for a technician to be on-site as quickly as possible.

To Start a Remote Session

1. Download the app
This app shares the screen of your computer with the technician, so they can solve your problem remotely. You retain control of your keyboard and mouse, so you can disconnect at any time.

2. Run the app
The app should appear in your browser’s download store; double-click to run it. No software gets installed, so you can delete the download file later, leaving no footprint.

3. Enter the code
The technician will give you a 9 digit code to enter. The code is unique to this session, so cannot be re-used by the technician, or allow anyone else to connect.