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Sky Box Slow?

One of our employees Sky+ HD box was running very slowly this week (taking an age to play saved shows, crashing, slow to navigate) and after some searching we found a very simple way to get it working properly again.

All it takes is a procedure called a Planner Rebuild. If you follow the following instructions (carefully, you are getting into a part of the system where a lot of damage can be done) you should have everything back to normal in about 10 minutes. We got this information from the Sky website.

Please note: Rebuilding your Planner will not delete any of your previous recordings. However, it will interrupt any recordings currently in progress, so it’s best to proceed when you’re not recording a programme.

  • Press services on your Sky remote.
  • Press the right arrow button to highlight Settings
  • Press select.
  • Press 0, then 1, followed by select.

You’ll now see a new set of screens that are normally hidden from view, with the Setup screen selected.

  • Press the left/right arrow buttons to highlight Sky+ Rebuild.
  • Press select. You’ll now see this message: “This will take a few minutes to complete. The rebuild will stop all recordings and reboot your Sky+HD”.
  • Press select. The onscreen message “Housekeeping please wait” will appear and then disappear within two minutes.
  • The Planner rebuild will now go ahead, and may take up to two further minutes. Once complete, your Sky+ box will automatically switch itself off and then back on. You will then see the red standby light on your Sky+ box (newer boxes have an amber standby light).
  • Wait for at least two minutes after the red standby light has appeared.
  • Press sky on your remote control.

Your Sky+ box should now start up as normal, with the light changing to green. Once your Sky+ box has started, try to use the Planner to record and view programmes as usual.