Secure Data Deletion

Why Erase Disks Securely?

Data that has been deleted or incorrectly sanitised can be easily recovered, leading to significant amounts of data remaining present and accessible.

This data might be attractive to certain threat actors seeking to exploit ineffective procedures, potentially resulting in the disclosure of sensitive information, reputational damage and regulatory breaches.

Key security features

CPA Certified (IAS5 compliance)

Our secure disk erase system has been subjected to a rigorous certification process by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) under the CPA scheme. As a result of this formal assurance process we are able to assert compliance with the highest standards, detailed within HMG IAS5, therefore guaranteeing the secure erasure of media.

Erases Hidden (HPA/DCO) Areas on Drives

The 4Secure erase identifies and erases all Device Configuration Overlay (DCO) and Host Protected Areas (HPA) areas on the hard drive, ensuring all hidden areas on the device are securely erased to the highest overwriting standards.

Certified Results

Each disk deletion produces a unique label enabling the full details of the erase process to be printed upon completion.