ITM Workplace

What is ITM Workplace?

ITM Workplace is a proven file sync and share service with over 10 years experience serving the needs of SMBs. ITM Workplace provides the security, mobility, and control SMBs need when accessing, sharing, and collaborating on files internally and externally.

Users can manually lock files to prevent other users from making changes. In addition, Microsoft Office files automatically lock when edited, and automatically unlock once closed.

ITM Workplace has built-in, sophisticated Ransomware Detection and Recovery. As files are updated on devices, they are monitored and analysed for possible ransomware as they are synced with the Workplace service. The overall set of file operations from devices are further analysed on the service, and algorithms are employed to precisely identify ransomware attacks. Once an attack is identified, the affected device is quarantined to prevent the synchronisation of encrypted files to other devices on the team. Administrators are immediately alerted, allowing them to respond rapidly and to revert the affected files to their last known good state, thus minimising the impact of the ransomware attack.

Simple and Secure file Sharing and Collaboration

ITM Workplace benefits every user, every file, and every device.

Workplace Online

A web portal you can use to access data and administer your team.

Workplace Mobile

An iOS and Android application that provides you full access to ITM Workplace from any mobile device.

Workplace Desktop

Locally-installed to synchronise data between your local drive and the cloud.

Sharing Control

Control your teams’ access with built-in security controls that can be set based on how information needs to be shared with team members.

6 Months Version History

ITM Workplace automatically backs up your files every hour by default, meaning that you can roll back any file to any time during the past 6 months.

Fast and Easy File Restore

Stay ahead of any potential security threats such as Ransomware or other vulnerabilities and viruses.