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How to resize multiple images using Photoshop

It’s great that modern digital cameras and smartphones take lovely hi-res images but it makes storing them all the more space-consuming. Also, if you need to email them or upload them to social networking sites it helps to get your image sizes under control. Using this method you should be able to greatly reduce your file sizes with a few simple clicks

We’re using Photoshop for this tutorial but there are plenty of other (and free) ways to do it out there…

  1. Open Photoshop and click on File > Scripts > Image Processor.
  2. In the Image Processor window, select the folder containing the images you’d like to resize.
  3. You can save in the current folder, or choose a different folder. If you save in the current folder, it will create a new folder inside it called JPEG and put the processed images there. It will not overwrite your original images, you can delete them later when you’re happy with the results.
  4. File Type – We recommend saving as JPEG with a quality of 10. This way, your images will be reduced in file size but will remain good quality.
  5. You can specify exact sizes but it’s OK to just set the jpeg quality and let Photoshop take care of the rest.
  6. Click Run and Photoshop will start processing your images. You don’t have to do anything else but sit and wait.

And that’s it done. Now you can resize as many images as you like with just a few clicks.