Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

What is Business Continuity?

Business continuity is an organisation’s ability to ensure operations and core business functions are not severely impacted by a disaster or unplanned incident that take critical systems offline.

No one can predict when disaster will strike, but business continuity planning is the key to surviving major incidents. Disasters that cause business interruptions almost always negatively impact bottom lines.

ITM are Datto Partners, Datto are the world’s leading supplier of Business Continuity Management (BCM) systems.

Painless Disaster Recovery

The most basic business continuity requirement is to keep essential functions up and running during a disaster and to recover with as little downtime as possible. A business continuity plan considers various unpredictable events, such as natural disasters, fires, cyberattacks and other external threats.

Ransomware Protection

Attackers target SMBs with limited in-house IT support through social engineering schemes that leave a business without access to its own data.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Protect your business against unknown risks with frequent backups of your entire business infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

If disaster strikes, recover your data, servers, desktops, and the entire infrastructure to a virtual environment in seconds.

End-to-End Encryption

All data is protected by AES-265 encryption both in transit, locally and in the cloud.