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5 cool things your Mac can do that you probably didn’t know…

  • Talk to you. Launch Terminal (Applications/Utilities/Terminal) and type say hello and press Enter. Then type say followed by anything else and it will speak it for you.
  • Stacks & Expose in slow motion. Show off your Mac’s incredible graphics capability with a press of the Shift key. Hold down Shift and click one of your Docks Stacks & watch the action happen in slow motion.
  • Look up words in the dictionary with the press of a key. Highlight any word in any program & press Apple+Ctrl+D to look it up in the built-in OSX dictionary & thesaurus.
  • Zoom WAY in on a page. Hold Ctrl & swipe 2 fingers up the Mac’s trackpad & zoom way in on any OSX screen. For a bit of pointless messing about, press Ctrl+Apple+Opt+8.
  • Use your Mac’s Target Disk Mode. Hold down the “T” key while your Mac is booting and it starts up as an external FireWire drive. Plug it into another Mac and you can copy files to and fro, quickly & without any complicated setup.